A Master in Media Studies or Journalism is an astonishing first step towards the career in the challenging as well as worthwhile media industry.

For all those students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in media studies it a best option to pursue master’s degree in media studies as well.

For the aspirants who are looking for the Master in Journalism and who are adventurers by nature as well as the danger thrills as much as telling the story, then Investigative and War Journalism course is for them.

On the other hand, the aspirants who are interested in photographing then they might pursue their master’s degree in Photojournalism.

The candidates who like to stay tuned in for the newest scientific news; they can go for the Innovation and Science Journalism.

Furthermore, there are also several other branches to be explored along with the Master in Media Studies.

For the students seeking for various Masters level media courses and programs in Pakistan we have uploaded here the complete list of courses.

Some core courses of media studies at masters level includes:

Journalism, communication, film studies, media, TV studies etc.

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